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We hope you enjoyed hearing about some of our favorite places in Syracuse, but the city has so much more to offer than food. Overlooking Syracuse Lake and Lake Erie, Syracuse is worth a visit for families - friendly, great outdoor adventures combined with great food and great views of the Great Lakes and the state of New York.

When you head out to eat right on Erie Boulevard, most of your restaurants are bebe takeout and fast food chains. However, if you are looking for something more traditional and closer to home, there are plenty of restaurants in the city centre.

They focus on pub specialities and show a certain care in the production of the fine ingredients that distinguish a good restaurant. This restaurant is made from a blend of local ingredients, seasoned and prepared with the best ingredients available in New York City and the rest of the United States.

If you're a little sweet, you might want to try the dessert menu at this New York City restaurant in Syracuse, NY. If you're looking for a dessert you'd like to eat, try their New York yogurt or ice cream.

It's a tempting option, but the steak fries are a real treat, topped off with a generous dollop of typical New York cheese sauce and a slice of cheese.

So pull up a chair and get in with a glass of wine, a bowl of soup and a plate of chilli. Chicken chili is one of the hottest Indian-Chinese dishes sometimes served at the buffet at the Indian Grill. If you want a haddock chowder, go to Fish Brother and hit yo mamma on the good (sorry, mamsma).

American gourmet restaurants have been modernized, and Wolf's Cave displays it with its handmade scratch - baked, handmade - scratch dishes and a great wine list.

Pizza is plentiful, from traditional to experimental, and guests in groups can enjoy their favorite toppings. Reuben pizza is topped with cheese and cakes with corned beef, Russian dressing and sauerkraut or with a cheesecake.

Fine food doesn't have to be served on a white tablecloth, but there's still room for brunch, and the Cavalier Room provides a great place to enjoy it while enjoying great cocktails. The selection of Bloody Marys and Mimosas is unique and fun for those who like something more for breakfast or brunch. Here you can enjoy everything you expect at brunch, from carving stations to omelets that are cooked, to freshly prepared fruit and vegetable salads.

Eating in cancer is a good choice, too, as all the net proceeds are donated to local charities such as the New York State Food Bank and the American Cancer Society.

I've always had a passion for everything Japanese and I realized that Syracuse needed a place to get real ramen. So I studied for several years with a Japanese chef to learn how to master the art of Rama and created a noodle machine with noodles that tasted as if they came from Tokyo. He mixes traditional and modern flavours in his dishes, but Rich always has a knack for giving people good food without charging them a fortune.

Located in the city centre in the heart of the business district, the hotel focused on breakfast and lunch after work. The Wolfsgrube, which is primarily a restaurant, is open on Sundays only for those who are waiting for what it has to offer.

If you are in a hurry and want a sweet, tart or savoury croissant, grab a small piece from the baker. The harissa is sweet and filling, prepared with semolina and pistachios, with hints of salt and pepper. It is fantastic with smoky spices, which are supplemented by moderate heat to make the tender pieces of white chicken delicious.

Desserts are just as good as the apple crisper, which is made from apples and crispy. Every dish we visited was precise and exquisite, from the cured trout to the perfectly cooked fillet, and everything we tasted was well prepared. The toasted bread, fanned all the way through the burrata starter, made the dish as delicious as it was to eat. Best of all, we ended the meal with a reminder that for another Italian, the return trip to Utica seemed like a very reasonable idea.

If you're looking for wild - caught seafood, paired with a good wine list, a wide selection of wines and good food, this is the one to visit. From the smoked mine to the dry ice that bubbles out of the dry ice, it is a splendor you will not regret.

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