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If you're planning a trip or deciding what to do while visiting this beautiful East Coast city, here are the absolute best attractions in Syracuse, NY. Niagra Falls is just 2.5 hours outside Syracuse and is a great place to enjoy an exciting day trip.

With many local museums, restaurants and breweries, it has a small city feel, but enough to keep you entertained all day. Look out for the New York Museum of Natural History, especially in summer, as it is one of the most popular attractions in Syracuse, NY.

You may also want to spend some time exploring the various cultural activities and museums of Cornell University and Ithaca College.

Learn more about the Erie Canal by visiting the Lockport Locks and the Erie Canal Cruise in western New York. The museum offers an insight into the history of the canal and its role in the development of downtown New York. By collecting and preserving sewer materials, the museum has given an insight into the history of central New York and provides a unique insight into the lives of those who lived and worked during the construction and operation of the canals from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century. In addition to exhibits and exhibits on the history and operation of the canals, it also provides an overview of life as it was for the people who live and work on the canal.

If you are a lover, the variety of museums in Syracuse offers something for everyone, and no matter what the season, Syracuse offers attractions that you can enjoy regardless of the season. Often overshadowed by nearby New York, Philly and Boston, it is a vibrant city full of exciting activities, with many great restaurants, shops, museums and attractions.

The Syracuse University Museum of Art, the largest museum in the United States, provides the university with a professional framework for education and training. The galleries of the museum are located in classrooms, and the museum rooms house exhibitions, lectures, workshops and other educational activities.

The Salt Museum is an interesting experience, whether you are looking for a unique museum in Syracuse, NY, or just a quick overview of the history of Syracuse. The Erie Canal Museum is a fantastic place to visit, whether we want to learn more about how Upstate New York was populated and built or just because of its history. This is a place that is considered a must - visit the destination for Syracuse because it is a great place to learn about the past, how it settled and how we built it. Community members, including the Syracuse University Art Museum, the Syracuse Public Library and Syracuse City Hall, to name a few.

The Erie Canal Museum is located in downtown Syracuse, so be sure to stop by to learn about the local history. Check out the local history of Syracuse in your area and discover this important part of the city's history! The museum is also located in the Syracuse Public Library, just a few blocks from Syracuse City Hall and the University Art Museum.

The Erie Canal, built between 1817 and 1825, ran 363 miles from Albany across the Hudson River to the Niagara River in Buffalo. The growth of the canal was accompanied by the growth of the city, making Syracuse the largest city in the state of New York and the second largest city in North America. Although it no longer passes through Syracuse, it has left its mark on the city of Syracuse through its use as a shipping hub and as an important part of its economy. It is housed in a historic building where the canal boats were loaded in their time, when they travelled through the centre of the SU to and from the Syracuse Canal. In the 1820s, the Erie Canal in Syracuse was completed and is still in operation today.

The Erie Canal Museum displays all the things related to the famous canal, starting with the original plans to build the waterway that stretched from Albany to Buffalo. Upstairs, the museum focuses on how life in Syracuse was influenced by the arrival of the Erie Canal.

The Everson Museum of Art is one of the first museums to dedicate itself exclusively to American art and American artists. The museum was founded in 1897 by art historian George Fisk, who also helped found the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At the time, it was called the Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts, but it is the first museum to focus exclusively on a collection of American art.

In 1941, Helen Everson gave the city of Syracuse a gift to build an art museum. The work was purchased in the early 1950s by Syracuse-born philanthropist and philanthropist John and Helen H. Evers, and donated and stored until the late 1970s, then donated and returned to the Everson Museum in 1991 by Syracuse-based collector and art collector John E. O'Hara and his wife Mary Ann O'Hairman.

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