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With a large light surface on the grounds of the park, the Christmas atmosphere will shine through again this year. A walk - through an experience where light after light, with the lights themselves and a variety of food and drinks is offered.

The festival is embedded with various events, including a variety of food and drinks as well as live music and entertainment. Events include music, food, crafts, games, children's activities and much more, all lit up.

The primary goal is to keep up with the intention of the pastor. The game plan is working and we will address the internal challenges in the fire department. Turn the Stone offers activities for children and adults throughout the day, as well as a variety of food and drinks.

Visit an apple farm in winter and take part in many events, including the annual Christmas Tree Lighting and Christmas Tree Lighting. The main event includes reindeer, and in winter you can visit apple farms and a variety of activities for children.

You can submit a gingerbread house you built earlier this year, or call the museum to get confirmation from a potential baker. Selected establishments provide food and drink so that participants can taste the products and vote for their favorites. Prices for events vary, so check the Winterfest events calendar for more information. Present your typical dishes and cocktails, enter a cook - off or mix - and -off, take part in a cornhole tournament and take part in a cook off or mix - in "off.

Another plus of Everson's visit to the Festival of Trees is that there is also the opportunity to see the current exhibition. Sold out - sold out trees remain on display until they are delivered or picked up to be taken home as decoration.

Admission to the museum, which includes the Gingerbread Gallery, is $10 for adults and $5 for children under 5. Visits to the museum are free for students and seniors with a valid New York State ID. Admission to the gallery is $15 per person, $20 for seniors and children under 5, or $25 for all ages.

This year, the museum offers free lecturer tours on Wednesdays and a paid - like you - guided tour of the Gingerbread Gallery on Wednesdays, along with a free lecturer tour.

Besides weekend breakfasts with Santa Claus and Kiddos, animals also enjoy the festival. Festival - Visitors can also enjoy a day of music, dancing, food trucks and more at the New York State Fair on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are looking for something a little further out of town, there are many other events in the area, some of which are mentioned here. Visit various museums and exhibitions, but the toy trains are the main source of interest for children. The Erie Canal Museum - The museum includes exhibits about the trade and community of the Erie Canal and an award-winning attraction. This is the largest museum of its kind in New York City and features a variety of toys, trains and other interactive exhibits on display at one of Syracuse's most popular tourist attractions, the Niagara Falls Museum.

Visit Cazenovia and experience this historic manor house decorated for the holidays while enjoying music, refreshments and a sleigh ride. Drive to the park and be enchanted by the flashing Santa Claus and the festive lights of the Christmas tree and the lights in the trees.

It's a Syracuse tradition, so turn on the Christmas radio in your car, get yourself a cup of cocoa and head off. Let yourself be enchanted as you drive past the twinkling lights, the Christmas tree and the festive lights in the trees.

The Syracuse - Syracuse Career Fair offers participating organizations the opportunity to meet residents and scholarship holders in a relaxed setting. Updowntowners of Syracuse, Inc. has earned a reputation for hosting fun events during the winter months in Syracuse and Onondaga County. The first Winter Festival was held in 1985 by the Syracuse Downtown Neighborhood Association, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit dedicated to preserving and promoting the historic downtown area and its residents, businesses and businesses.

Participants will be provided with the latest cars, trucks and SUVs, spread over two buildings with four large floors. Here you will find handmade handicrafts from local suppliers as well as food from local and regional restaurants and bars.

The Taste is the kick-off event and kicks off the annual summer festival season in Clinton Square. The season begins on opening night with a film projected by Everson, followed by a dog outing the next night. The event will kick off with the annual "Summer Party" in Clinton Square.

At this bridal show you can meet some of the best wedding professionals in the area face to face. This event is a great opportunity for those who want to see suppliers, equipment and goods from the wine and spirits industry.

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