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The New York Department of Labor works with businesses and individuals to connect job seekers, provide training and education programs, and provide up-to-date employment data. The Bureau of Economic Development offers the Employee Productivity Program (EPP), which provides a grant of up to $1,000 for each job seeker in the Syracuse region. CNY Works also offers employers training to identify skills and productivity gains, as well as ways to improve the quality of work of their employees - quality of life and job satisfaction. E PP will fund the training courses identified by employers and apprenticeships available through the Office's Labour Development Programme.

Short-term disability coverage is offered and replaced, at no cost to the employee, earning up to 60% of income of $60.00. The benefit will also pay 60% + of a basic salary if an employee becomes fully incapacitated for more than 26 weeks.

If you have already applied, you only need to enter your e-mail address and password and fill in the online application details. If you are interested in joining the Sentry Team, please select the position you are most interested in. You can send your CV and full application to the e-mail address in the career section of our website and reply with an add-on.

The ideal candidate will live in upstate central New York and work from home or work for our Northeast Regional Office based in Connecticut. The ideal candidates will work with our regional office in Connecticut - based in the Northeast - to manage and coordinate sales, placement and midmarket business. Sentry products and services are marketed to independent agents and brokers of Commercial Lines in a defined area.

Work hard, learn the metal construction trade and build a career for the employees of Feldmeier Equipment and their families, which enables personal and professional development.

We are looking for hard-working, self-motivated candidates who excel in their hard work and want to have fun in the production of stainless steel vessels. With our future plans Feldmeier Equipment is looking for hard-working and self-motivated candidates with an interest in metal construction who are interested in our production team. In our future plans we are looking for high quality, hard working, independent and passionate candidates with a passion for metal production and a desire for a career in the metal industry who join the production teams of Feldmann Equipment.

The Food Bank of Central New York always receives applications from qualified individuals interested in working in the food pantry, food bank or other food service industries.

Our aim is to ensure that the education provided to our students, workers and career changers gives them the skills they need to become economically independent. We are committed to helping employers hire, hire and retain skilled workers in the hospitality, pantry, healthcare, retail, hospitality and other sectors.

We are working hard to attract and retain talented people from a variety of backgrounds who have developed professional skills and experience that will enhance their ability to truly change the lives of people in our community. Sales, Claims, Information Technology and Marketing have a high level of experience in a variety of industries with a focus on customer service, customer service and customer service.

We are proud to offer the opportunity to protect and protect the health and well-being of people in our community, especially those in need of emergency medical care. We are grateful to have a work environment that brings compassion to individuals and families, as well as to our employees.

It is our policy that there should be no discrimination in the workplace on the basis of race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. All staff are allowed to take a 30-minute daily wellness break, including use of the on-site gym. Private nursing room with changing table, work surface and access to private bathroom.

Feldmeier, a pioneer in the industry, is looking for highly motivated engineers who have the opportunity to work in a plant where they can witness the construction of the project every day. We offer a comprehensive package of benefits that includes employers - paid life insurance, paid time off, full-time training and learning skills, and the ability to manufacture stainless steel tanks for customers around the world. Project updates are documented and communicated to customers and project teams.

We started in 1904 and have been helping companies to succeed and protect their future ever since. Our employees take care of our customers and we trust you and the trust you place in us.

Innovation is and always has been a family tradition and will continue to be a family tradition as we work on everything from cleaning systems to the design of new buildings and facilities. CNYTDO provides tailored solutions to members of the Central New York region to help construct, maintain and repair buildings, facilities and facilities, as well as install and maintain facilities and services, leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise in design, engineering and construction. Our service portfolio includes purchasing consortia to reduce costs and support production professionals in a variety of industries. We build on our experience and are looking for engineers to join our design group.